6 amazing features users can get with WordPress

05 Nov 2022
WordPress is a content management system (CMS), which allows users to publish, manage and organise content on their website. WordPress runs over 25% of the internet’s websites, making it the top web publishing platform in the world. WordPress has become popular because it offers an intuitive interface for managing your website’s content, a robust plugin ecosystem to allow you to build almost any site imaginable, and free hosting that will make it easy to create your website. Here are the features that make WordPress the best CMS: 6 Features of WordPress 1 Content Management System WordPress is a CMS, which... Read More

The learning curve of WordPress

22 Oct 2021
Scenario Every new thing involves a learning curve.Learning to swim, for example, involves a learning curve, as does studying a foreign language or the ability to drive a car. Those who work in IT are forced to have mental elasticity, to be receptive to learning new and constantly evolving technologies. Other professions are also constantly updating, but not all professions involve this need. Now, let's imagine a person who doesn't work in IT and has a job that doesn't require constant updates. We are talking about an average user, who from an IT point of view has only the basic... Read More
That's why I love and hate Wordpress

That’s why I love and hate WordPress

03 Jun 2021
I am a system administrator. For my work, I use various IT tools such as the Linux shell, network and virtualization administration tools, Windows servers and similar tools.  That's why I love and hate Wordpress. That's why I love Wordpress I know and have been using Wordpress since version 3. I think I can say that it is a reliable and well established platform. The vulnerabilities of the early years have been fixed. With the installation of a few plugins you can create stable and secure websites, provided you keep them updated. I am definitely grateful to this platform because... Read More
Why choose Wordpress to create a website ?

Why choose WordPress to create a website?

25 May 2021
Why choose Wordpress to create a website? One of the first decisions we face when creating a website is to choose which software to use to create and manage the website. Site builders For those who have no technical knowledge or are just entering the internet world for the first time, there are solutions offered by the major hosting providers that make it very easy to create a website. These website builders are software solutions based on preset templates and the website manager only has to choose the name of the website or domain, and decide which of the proposed... Read More
Wordpress How to redirect www to not www

WWW and not WWW

24 May 2021
The suffix www has now become obsolete. In the early years of the internet, it was necessary to type the protocol http:// and the www suffix, but nowadays the vast majority of websites can be reached by just typing the domain name and extension, e.g. However, for reasons of compatibility with the past, it is necessary to maintain the possibility of reaching a given website even if the www suffix precedes the domain name. The website administrator must then redirect requests typed in both ways to a single home page, usually the one that appears as Whether visiting... Read More