6 amazing features users can get with WordPress

05 Nov 2022

WordPress is a content management system (CMS), which allows users to publish, manage and organise content on their website. WordPress runs over 25% of the internet’s websites, making it the top web publishing platform in the world. WordPress has become popular because it offers an intuitive interface for managing your website’s content, a robust plugin ecosystem to allow you to build almost any site imaginable, and free hosting that will make it easy to create your website. Here are the features that make WordPress the best CMS:

6 Features of WordPress

1 Content Management System

WordPress is a CMS, which means that users with little or no technical knowledge can create and publish their own content. WordPress manages everything on the website, including homepages, posts, pages, comments and more. This makes it easy for both non-technical users and developers to customise a website. It also means that you can use WordPress as a blogging platform like how to use WordPress as a blogging platform easily.

2 Plugin Ecosystem

There are two ways you can extend the functionality of your WordPress website: install free plugins or hire programmers to develop custom plugins for you. WordPress has a plugin ecosystem that allows you to extend the functionality of your website in different ways. Using plugins, you can create a shopping cart feature, social media integration and e-commerce features for your website.

3 Customisable Theme

You can have full control over the look and feel of your WordPress website by choosing from hundreds of free or premium themes. You can even use custom CSS to add unique designs to your site if you desire additional styles. This allows you to give each section on your site its own unique style.

4 Layout

A template controls the way you arrange your content on your website. A template is the base of WordPress websites, and its design determines how the content is displayed. Themes come with templates, but you can download free and paid themes for WordPress in order to create your own unique layout for your site.

5 Drag and Drop Page Builder Widget Editor

You can use this drag & drop page builder to have full control over the layout of any page or post on your website. With a simple drag & drop interface, you can easily build pages without any technical knowledge. Once a page has been built, it can be given a unique style by adding custom CSS to its template.

6 Community

The WordPress community has a very active forum and has thousands of responsive support agents available 24/7. As the largest open-source CMS, WordPress is constantly updated by developers who work hard to ensure that it is optimised and secure. In addition, the community is passionate about helping users with any challenges they may have when using WordPress.


WordPress is one of the most popular and widely used CMS. It is free and runs on both desktop PCs and mobile devices. WordPress is highly customisable, which means you can build any website you desire. Many WordPress users don’t need to hire programmers or buy expensive plugins to get the functionality they want when using WordPress. They can simply install several free or paid themes that will give their site its own look and style. This allows them to build simple web applications without hiring a programmer or buying any expensive software. The plugins in the WordPress plugin ecosystem make it easy for users with little technical knowledge to add new features to their site, whether for blogging, e-commerce or social media integration.