WordPress best practices

04 Jun 2021
During my years of using Wordpress, I have made mistakes that I have learned to avoid by implementing certain strategies. In my opininon, the wordpress best practices. These mistakes have also taught me that the platform is secure and stable in terms of its 'core' and that problems are often caused by plugins or themes produced by third parties, whether they only slow down the website or worse still interrupt the service. In fact, it can sometimes happen that you activate a plugin or a theme and discover that unfortunately the website no longer responds or that it responds but... Read More
That's why I love and hate Wordpress

That’s why I love and hate WordPress

03 Jun 2021
I am a system administrator. For my work, I use various IT tools such as the Linux shell, network and virtualization administration tools, Windows servers and similar tools.  That's why I love and hate Wordpress. That's why I love Wordpress I know and have been using Wordpress since version 3. I think I can say that it is a reliable and well established platform. The vulnerabilities of the early years have been fixed. With the installation of a few plugins you can create stable and secure websites, provided you keep them updated. I am definitely grateful to this platform because... Read More