Change maximum upload size on Vultr One-Click

26 May 2021
Vultr's One-Click WordPress application simplifies the entire WordPress installation process. In just a few clicks, you can get WordPress working successfully. However, the script that handles the installation has some unique features that can be tricky when making changes to the standard installation. In this article, I will show you how to change the maximum upload size on Vultr One-Click WordPress in just a few steps. Image by Kevin Phillips from Pixabay Prerequisites This tutorial is assuming that you have downloaded and installed a Vultr One-Click WordPress server and are logged in as root. 1 - Check the current maximum... Read More
Why choose Wordpress to create a website ?

Why choose WordPress to create a website?

25 May 2021
Why choose Wordpress to create a website? One of the first decisions we face when creating a website is to choose which software to use to create and manage the website. Site builders For those who have no technical knowledge or are just entering the internet world for the first time, there are solutions offered by the major hosting providers that make it very easy to create a website. These website builders are software solutions based on preset templates and the website manager only has to choose the name of the website or domain, and decide which of the proposed... Read More
Wordpress How to redirect www to not www

WWW and not WWW

24 May 2021
The suffix www has now become obsolete. In the early years of the internet, it was necessary to type the protocol http:// and the www suffix, but nowadays the vast majority of websites can be reached by just typing the domain name and extension, e.g. However, for reasons of compatibility with the past, it is necessary to maintain the possibility of reaching a given website even if the www suffix precedes the domain name. The website administrator must then redirect requests typed in both ways to a single home page, usually the one that appears as Whether visiting... Read More